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Dion Winton-Polak

Why Do You Need Me?

What’s the point of proofreading? How essential is an editor? You already have an inkling that I may be of use to you, or else you wouldn’t be checking my site out – but you’re also probably trying to figure out if you really need to pay somebody to check your work. I mean, you’re careful, right? Or at least you could be more careful if you put your mind to it…

Well, maybe.

The best tightrope walkers and trapeze artists work without a safety net, pulling off amazing feats, wowing their audiences, and doing it all on their own. You might be that good. If you slip, though, if you publish something that has fundamental plot-holes; inconsistencies of character or world-building; poor spelling or grammar; awkward dialogue – the list of possibilities goes on – you will start to suffer reputational damage and your career could come crashing down before it’s properly begun.

I can be your safety net. I can catch your slip-ups before the paying public settles down to enjoy your act. Everybody gets snowblind about their work after a while. I can be a fresh pair of eyes for you. I can spot your gaps, eliminate your errors, and react to your story like a real reader. We’ll work together in close partnership to shape the project to your vision then polish it to the finest shine. My style of editing is both supportive and collaborative. My services are flexible, wide-ranging, and reasonably priced.

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