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Dion Winton-Polak

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A personal project is keeping me busy but I am available for hire. Get in touch via the ‘Let’s Do This’ tab.


Completed jobs:

The House of Frozen Screams

Role: Line edit
Written by:Thana Niveau
Published by:Horrific Tales
Due to be published 2018

Blurb and cover to be added here upon publication


A Warning About Your Future Enslavement That You Will Dismiss as a Collection of Short Fiction and Essays by Kit Power

Role: Copy edit
Written by:Kit Power
Purchase at:Amazon

Warning2 Warning1Kit Power did not write this book. Sure, the stories and essays are his – 21 pieces culled from the very best of his fiction and nonfiction work of the last four years, including previously unpublished work – but as to the rest…Kit Power has no idea who (or what) K-POX is. Or The Ministry of Information, come to that. He doesn’t know what The Information War is/was, or when it is supposed to have happened. He has no idea at all why a book that appears to have been sent from the future is so insistent that his stories hold the key to recovering the history of that time. Kit suspects it may all just be an elaborate prank of some kind. Still, it probably wouldn’t do any harm to read it. Just in case…



Role: Line edit
Written by:Paul Melhuish
Published by:Horrific Tales
Due to be published 2018

Blurb and cover to be added here upon publication.


You Will Grow Into Them

Role: Line edit
Written by:Malcolm Devlin
Published by:Unsung Stories
Purchase at:Unsung Stories or Amazon

The world is a far stranger place than we give it credit for. There, in the things we think familiar, safe, are certain aspects. Our fears and desires given form. Moments that defy explanation. Shadows in our home.

In Malcolm Devlin’s debut collection, change is the only constant. Across ten stories he tackles the unease of transformation, growth and change in a world where horror seeps from the everyday. Childhood anxieties manifest as debased and degraded doppelgängers, fungal blooms are harvested from the backs of dancers and London lycanthropes become the new social pariahs. The demons we carry inside us are very real indeed, but You Will Grow Into Them.

Taking weird fiction and horror and bending them into strange and wondrous new shapes, You Will Grow Into Them follows, in the grand tradition of Aickman, Ligotti and Vandermeer, reminding us that the ordinary world is a much stranger place than it seems.


The Veil (Testaments I&II)

Role: Line edit
Written by:Joseph D’Lacey
Published by:Horrific Tales Publishing
Purchase at:Amazon

Some call it The Long Silence, others The Hush. Whatever it is, the world has gone quiet. No electricity, no engines, most of the people gone. There are survivors, small groups enduring as best they can in a seemingly abandoned world.
At night, the landscape glows with unnatural light. The stillness is broken by the desolate cries of the lost population, returning now to search for…no one knows what. What is certain, though, is that those they drag into the shadows do not return.
The Veil contains the final testaments of two disparate groups; a band of survivalists barricaded into a single block of an American city, and a young family hiding in a remote part of the English countryside.
But there are enemies among the survivors too, using the cataclysm to serve their own desires. If the end of the world can’t cleanse the human heart, what reason can there be to continue?


The Rot

Role: Proofread
Written by:Paul Kane
Published by:Horrific Tales Publishing
Purchase at:Amazon

the-rot-coverSomething has happened to the world. People are going mad, the very foundations of society are crumbling… Only Adam Keller, testing a prototype environment suit, apparently remains safe – but for how long? Can anything be done, can any of it be reversed, before everything goes to Rot?

The latest post-apocalyptic tale from award-winning and bestselling author Paul Kane (the sellout Hooded Man, The Disease, The End of the End) presents a nightmarish vision of a possible future, blending social commentary with page-turning action. This is one that fans of The Road and The Walking Dead will really not want to miss!


This Twisted Earth

Role: Devised, compiled and edited in full; from Structural through to Line.
Written by:Adrian Tchaikovsky, Mike Chinn, Jess Nevins, Phil Sloman and others.
Published by: Six Minutes to Midnight
Purchase at:Six Minutes to Midnight or Amazon
This Twisted Earth

The Past flows into The Future. The Present is our constant home. But what if all that changed? If Time became tangled, history would be… havoc.

Welcome to This Twisted Earth

A pulp-fuelled, shared-world anthology featuring brand new stories from Adrian Tchaikovsky (Arthur C. Clarke award-winner for Children of Time), Jess Nevins (Encylopedia of Fantastic Victoriana), Mike Chinn (Swords Against the Millennium / Starblazer), and nine more talented tale-smiths. This volume also features a stash of bonus material from Dion Winton-Polak – the world devisor, editor, and lunatic in charge of this ambitious project.


Sunny, with a Chance of Zombies

Role: Compiled and edited in full; from Structural through to Line.
Written by: Chris Bauer, Angeline Trevena, Louise Maskill, B.T. Joy and others.
Published By:KnightWatch Press
Purchase at: KnightWatch Press
Sunny With a Chance of Zombies

KnightWatch Press is proud to present Sunny, with a Chance of Zombies: a sensational selection of strangely uplifting stories to help raise a smile at the end of the world. “This is gonna sound a bit weird, but do you think all people taste this good, or just zombies, or just this zombie?” Our authors have dug deep to bring you brand new tales of anarchy, heartbreak and revenge, leavened with a little bit of love, life and laughter. Within these pages you’ll find a variety of zombies, from the classic Shamblers to the Working Dead and the sentient Other. Ranged against them are a motley bunch of survivors. Some will take cynical advantage of the situation whilst others try to build a better life in the dead new world. “Pop bought me my first zom when I was eighteen. She was a real bitch; wiry and evil, and she won me a few races before her left leg dropped off and she couldn’t race no more.” We’ve got all sorts waiting in store for you here, from necromancy to technomancy; savagery to comedy; lovers, liars, looters, and the very tenderest of tragedy. All in all, the outlook’s good.