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Dion Winton-Polak

Who am I?

Hi there, my name is Dion and I am in love with the written word. Have been for as long as I can remember. School lunchtimes were spent in the library, whole holidays were spent slipping between fantastic worlds. My university degree explored English Literature through the ages, culminating with a first-class dissertation on the anti-hero.

Since then, I‘ve been both a reviewer and a podcaster on the Geek Syndicate Network; compiled and edited ‘Sunny, with a Chance of Zombies,’ a strangely uplifting apocalyptic anthology; and I have project-managed the first volume of ‘This Twisted Earth‘ – an ambitious, ongoing, shared-world anthology series – all the way from conception to publication. I’ve loved working on these books but royalties rarely pay the bills. This is why I’m here, though. This is what I do.

So, I am now offering my skills to writers and publishers of all stripes. I can help you hit the right note, sharpen your script and polish your prose. I can bring your project to life and help you get it to a level that is not only fit for publication, but that you can be genuinely proud of, knowing it has reached its full potential. You can find out how by clicking on the Services page.

Still not entirely sure that you need me? Read on.